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Internet of things and System on Chip

Master SIAME | Université Toulouse 3

Internet of things and System on Chip

User Tools

VHDL Xilinx/Modelsim

Xilinx Zynq Zybo board

We are using the Xilinx Vivado toolchain with a 25 nodes floating licence. This University System Edition license gives you access to all of the Xilinx software of this toolchain including IP exploration and high-level synthesis.

In a near future, we'll experiment the GoWin GW1NSR-LV4C which embedds an ARM Cortex-M3 + FPGA like what's done in Xilinx Zynq.
Additionally, i'd like to thanks GoWin semi conductors (thanks Danny) that provided us sevreal Ministar development kits along with 30 seats floating licence :)
More to come, stay tuned ;-)

Xilinx Vivado Student edition Xilinx offers to download the Xilinx Vivado Webpack edition. This will enable you to work on your own with the same toolchain we're using in this formation.

GoWin Ministar dev kit

ModelSim Student edition MentorGraphics' Modelsim is the simulation tool we will use. As a Master2 student, just ask them for a licence you will obtain in a few weeks.

Sipeed Tang Nano 4k

Below you'll find some links either related to the VHDL courses, practical exercises and some external links:

  • VHDL main course PDF,
  • VHDL synthesis practical exercices PDF,
  • Cristian Sisterna's Zynq Architecture PDF
  • Xilinx Zynq Architecture slides PDF
  • [board] Digilent Zybo-Z7 reference manual PDF
  • [board] Digilent Zybo-Z7 schematic PDF