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Raspberry Pi studies | Home page

PiFace interface board.
Welcome to our Raspberry Pi studies page. Here you will find both informations and resources related to small studies.
The main objective of these small studies is to allow you, M2Pro students, to extend your knowledge and capabilities to other fields of technologies … and to have fun doing and discovering new things :)

Most of these studies are Raspberry Pi-centric. This mainly comes from the fact that Raspberry Pi (ARM11) is a very cheap/powerfull and versatile linux-powered system. Moreover, the embedded CSI port allow you to add a Full-HD* camera: with motion detect, this will turn your RPi into a cheap and powerful IP camera!!
*Camera delivers up to 1920 x 1080p @ 30fps.

On the other hand, there also exists the BeagleBone black board (Cortex-A8) that features both Linux and Android. While this board has more GPIO than RPi, both boards will require additional hardware (e.g PiFace) to drive loads like motors, light bulb and so on … and Android for RPi is also on way :)

In order to help students starting efficiently in the world of Raspberry Pi with Python access to hardware, we provide the following documents:


This list will be extended as we identify new studies to explore. In the mean time, here are the current ones:

  • Temperature monitoring of RECS hardware (European CoolEmAll project) | 16 x I2C sensors on one RPi,
  • Motion detect for intrusion detection| RPi with Full-HD camera,
  • Power monitoring of a room, a floor … the whole building | RPi and Arduino,
  • Room access through face recognition | Cloud computing and RPi with Full-HD camera,

… more to come, stay tuned.